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How to use these e-courses



  1. If you do not have a mathguyzero account, click here for instructions on how to get one.
  2. After you have a valid login name and password, go to http://mathguyzero.com/moodle and click on the e-course that you have subscribed to and login.
  3. Once inside the Moodle e-course, it is up to each individual student as to where he or she should begin. For students new to statistics mgz strongly suggests that they start at the beginning. For intermediate students, please pick and choose which of the specific concepts that they want to learn or to simply brush up on.
  4. Each chapter has a guided homework sheet which can be printed out as a pdf. Mgz strongly suggests that students attempt to work out the problems before watching the explanatory videos.
  5. Each chapter has an assessment quiz. There is also a midterm that covers chapters 1 - 5 and a final exam for chapters 6 - 12. Assess your statistical skills before your teacher does.
  6. Don't forget to use the victionary! It is a glossary of statistical terms, some with worked examples and some with videos.

Some general learning advice from mgz:

  • A student gets out of a class what he or she puts into a class. Do not wait until the day before the test to begin your studies. There is a lot to learning statistics and it ain't going to happen overnight.
  • Get a study buddy. This really works!
  • Carefully form a study group with students with good study habits and that actually try to solve these problems. Stay away from the students that are only looking to copy someone's homework.
  • Ask your teacher if you are not clear on a concept.
  • Look for outside-of-the-classroom resources if you get stuck. Check with your school and find out where the tutoring center is located.
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