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  •  I have to say you are awesome!!! I looked on the internet trying to find how to find
    the confidence interval for about 30 minutes and still didn't understand. However,
    after watching your video I completely understood it in less than 1.5 minutes!
    AWESOME!! - houstontexans*****

  • I wish my stats teacher would just explain things simply like this... - for***

  • You are an absolute champion, I endured 2 weeks of stats taught badly. you taught me
    more in 10 min and you saved my a** (booty)! To be honest, I even became interested in stats for a while :-) - knife***

  • Thanks very much. It was very useful and was made easy to remember by explaining in
    a light-hearted way. - AM2***

  • "I cannot thank you enough for this video! Math isn't my forte and this really helped me on a day when I was ready to give up. I found this more helpful than so many other videos available." - ****Mom57 from online

  • "Excellent explaination I missed this lecture in my stats class now i'm up to speed
    thank you." - *****fly from online 

  •  "THANK YOU MGZ you just saved me for my statistics test tomorrow!"
    ... ***aipa - online

  • "i've just spent abotu an hour trying to teach myself this for an exam tomorrow. 1:26
    minutes watching this and i've finally got it. lifesaver...." *****snuffler - online

  • "MGZ,
    Just got out of my first Stats exam and Boy Oh, Boy do I love you and your Victionary of terms.  I received a "B", and it was the first time I had taken a test in 8 years.
    I used the Victionary for all my terms (20) definitions and conceptual overview. 
    I watched your videos over, and over, and over until midnight last night as well as other days prior to the test. 

    It was the first time I have been able to grasp the concepts.  I believe it is because I could hear you talk.  During a lecture I cannot push "pause", but "You" I paused so often I thought your program would malfunction. HHHaaaa.
    I can tell you put a lot of work into this program.  Maybe you should market it as a package and live happy, joyous and financially free the rest of your life.  I know I was thinking of just this concept.  Stats with music, color, and a person like you speaking.  Great, Great idea.
    Much gratitude." - from email - PLR

  • "thanks dude this will help me alot"  - thepaco***** from online 

  • "So clear, so easy, so cool. Thanks Mathguyzero. You just saved me another 3 hours of trying to figure out CI." - blue***** from online

  • "light bulb just appeared over my head...wow...thanks man." - djill****** from online

  • "man, i was sitting here for 20 minuets trying to find the answer to my problem, and then stumbled upon this video, then it took me like 15 seconds haha. great video!" - tyguy**** - from online

  • "Excelent! K-I-S Explanation" - maria**** - from online

  • "wow my professor made this seem so difficult" - jihad************ - from online

  • "OMG! thank God for this video :-D " -jrm **** - from online

  • "thanx mgz ur the best" - mariaya**** - from online

  • "thank you sir! definately helped!" - cool**** - from online

  • "thanks, great job explaining hope this will help me on my unit test :)" - slimjim**** - from online

  • "thanks for that, i am doing a stats assignment for uni and this had me stumped and i wasnt able to find what i needed elsewhere so thnk you it helped a lot :)
    Jo" - solitude**** - from online

  • "I am cramming for my exam which takes place in 8 hours. I was stuck but this has probably saved my butt. Well done. Phew " - pclp**** - from online

  • "MGZ OUT---LOL --- great video you helped me alot " - green**** - from online

  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my god, I have been spending two days straight trying to get this, and FINALLY it made sense. Thanks for using the K.I.S.S. theory, Keep It Simple Stupid! Thank you! " - ckaye**** - from online

  • "thx it really helped..because i was lost and with your video i figured it out in those two minutes :) " - peekaboo**** - from online

  • "o.o I actually...get it now! XD Thanks!! " - arie**** - from online

  • "Awesome!!!!!!!!!! " - trueshin**** - from online


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